Icelandic duo Calder move toward soothing classical ambient treatments on their 3rd output DOWN.


Calder Down is their third album. The creative process for Down began in 2013 when Lárus and Ólafur started recording and playing with some home made harps made by Lárus. The material was composed in a very collaborative way and most ideas were improvised and recorded on the spot in the countryside. Lárus then handed Ólafur some additional acoustic songs and Ólafur added his electric elements to the material. gradually giving it shape, depth and life. The album Down is layered with strings, voice and acoustic instruments such as piano, harps and organ spiced with electric instruments, guitars and dreamy soundscapes. The result is a hauntingly melodic piece of work where the acoustic, symphonic elements melt together with the electric elements creating a multi layered piece of work.


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