March 29, 2024

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Icelandic ambient duo Calder has once again captivated audiences with their latest release, "Inmost." Building on the success of their previous albums, including the critically acclaimed "Inner" from 2021, Calder's new offering promises to immerse listeners in a sonic journey like never before.

Formed in 2003, Calder has been a beacon of innovation within the ambient music scene, with a discography that boasts four studio albums. From their improvised debut album to the meticulously crafted "Inner," the duo has continually pushed the boundaries of their sound, weaving together intricate layers of instrumentation and ethereal melodies.

The creative process for "Inmost" began in 2023, when Lárus Sigurðsson improvised layered harps and pianos. These dormant compositions were then processed and arranged by Ólafur Josephsson, adding his creative touch to Lárus groundwork with a fresh perspective. The result is an album that seamlessly blends elements of 90s New Wave with dreamy guitars, earthbound basslines, and 21st-century neo-classical influences, all driven by powerful beats and delicate, floating melodies.

Described by some as a fusion of the atmospheric qualities of Sigur Rós with the experimental edge of Tim Hecker, "Inmost" is a testament to Calder's ability to evoke a sense of otherworldly beauty through their music."We wanted to create something that felt both timeless and contemporary," says Lárus Sigurðsson, one half of Calder. "With 'Inmost,' we aimed to capture the essence of our Icelandic roots while also embracing modern production techniques and musical influences.

"Listeners can expect to be transported to a realm of introspection and introspection as they delve into the depths of "Inmost."

Each track is a meticulously crafted sonic landscape, inviting audiences to explore the innermost recesses of their consciousness."Inmost" is now available on all major streaming platforms, offering audiences a chance to experience the transcendent beauty of Calder's latest masterpiece.


Lárus Sigurðsson: various instruments, arrangements, sceleton and nerves.
Ólafur Josephsson: bass, guitar, drums, programming,

Mixed and mastered by Ólafur Josephsson in Vogor Studios 2024.