About Vogor Records

 Vogor Records was established in 2001 when Stafrænn Hákon released their debut album Eignast Jeppa. The album was based on the DIY aesthetics (do it yourself!) and self-released and self-produced by Ólafur Josephsson, the original founder of Vogor Records and Stafrænn Hákon. The album, Eignast Jeppa, was sold in various record shops in Iceland and received warm attention for it´s quirky, chaotic, lo-fi sounding musical textures. 

Stafrænn Hákon was invited to perform as the warm-up act for Will Oldham (Bonnie Prince Billy) in October 2001, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor in March 2002 in Iceland which drew further attention to the band. 

By August 2003 Vogor Records had self-released three of Stafrænn Hákon´s albums and things started moving quite fast for the artist for he had no intentions of slowing down his creative output. Musical inspirations kept streaming in and songs started piling up. Stafrænn Hákon was on the roll creatively speaking.

 In 2003 the 4th album was released on Resonant,a UK based record label. The album contained outtakes from previous recordings and shortly thereafter the label offered Ólafur to re-release two of Stafrænn Hákon´s previous albums. 

Vogor Records lay dormant whilst Stafrænn Hákon was collaborating with different foreign record labels which released albums like Ventill Poki, Í Ástandi Rjúpunnar, Gummi and Sanitas. However Vogor Records continued to release off-shots from the Stafrænn camp like Skvettir Edik á Ref and Prammi.  Albums like Calder by the experimental duet Calder, was self-released through the Vogor Records in 2002 and marked the beginning of a collaboration between Ólafur Josephsson and Lárus Sigurðsson (who eventually merged into the Stafrænn Hákon project in 2010). 

Today Vogor Records is now a formally established, artist based community of like minded musicians which have collaborated with Stafrænn Hákon throughout the years. 

Equipped with their own self built home-recording studio and the DIY aesthetic in mind this community aims to become  a prolific self sustainable label that will release authentic music and lots of it in the nearest future. The future is bright indeed and Vogor Records is looking forward to produce and self release some great music in the nearest future for your pleasure. Stay tuned!