Stafrænn Hákon

Skvettir edik á ref (Revised 20th anniversary)

August 5, 2022

Skvettir edik á ref (Revised 20th anniversary)
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This is revised anniversary edition of our third album "Skvettir edik á ref" originally self-released in August 2002 and later properly released by UK´s now defunct Resonant. Whilst going through this process some re-recordings were made to make this edition more enhanced listening experience. The goal was to make the album stick as it was recorded so the songs are presented as they were intended to. However here and there some old recordings were replaced and therefore we believe they album got a well deserved upgrade on it´s anniversary.

Original press realease from 2003 release on Resonant Records:

"The first release outside of his homeland for Iceland’s STAFRÆNN HÁKON, centred around the majestic soundscapes of Olafur Josephsson, a young man with incredible talent and a big future. “Skvettir Edik A Ref” doesn’t represent his recording debut, but it certainly announces his arrival on the international scene in a grand style; this is the first of two STAFRÆNN HÁKON albums to be re-released on Resonant after initially being available in Iceland only via Olafur’s own label Vogor Recordings , and collectively they form the finest body of work in the post-rock genre in years. Resonant have also committed to releasing the first new studio album for two years from the band early in 2004. That said, to pigeonhole STAFRÆNN’s work as post-rock doesn’t even tell half the story. Bringing to mind Labradford, Tarentel or an instrumental Sigur Ros, his music is epic, incredibly emotive and atmospheric – and though the component parts tread a fairly familiar path, the end product is anything but formulaic."

Ólafur Josephsson:
Guitars, Bass, Drums, Piano, Synths

Samúel White:
Guitar on Kofi & Safi

Þröstur Sigurðsson:
Trombone on Efling and Safi

Nói Steinn Einarsson:
Drums on Kofi


Tætir rækju
Krani (revised unreleased version)
Oktan-98 (Unreleased)
Kæfusafi (revised version)
Glúpnik (revised version)
A-Hliðrun (revised version)
C-vernd (demo version)