March 19, 2021

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The Icelandic duo Calder has recorded and released four studio albums; Calder which was totally improvised on 2 guitars in 2003; Lower which was recorded in 2008; Down which was released in 2016 and Inner which was recorded and released in 2021.

The creative process for Inner began few years ago when some of the songs which were intended for on the albums Lower and Down but didn't make it for the final cut for some obscure reasons. These songs marinated on a hard drive until 2020 when they resurfaced and were brought back to a new life. Boy, have things, humans and technology changed since then!

Inner is indeed layered with all kinds of instruments and is perhaps best described as an fusion between 90‘s New Wave with dreamy guitars and earthbound basslines and 21st century neo classical music driven by powerful beats played on programmed and live drums on top of delicate, floating melodies. Or, as someone said: its like Cocteau Twins and Mogwai went to a secluded cabin in the Icelandic highlands to meet with the grand old composers John Tavener and Arvo Pärt for a music lesson. All by a sheer coincidence. The result is the album Inner which incidentally is out now for your listening pleasure.


Lárus Sigurðsson: various instruments, arrangements, sceleton and nerves.
Ólafur Josephsson: bass, guitar, programming, drums, muscles and sinews.
Friðríkur Robertsson Boulter: celestial choir
Mr. Robot: monologue.
Mixed and mastered by Ólafur in Vogor Studios 2021.