Stafrænn Hákon

Kælir Varðhund

Kælir Varðhund
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“Kælir Varðhund” is Stafrænn Hákon’s 8th full-length release. This product includes 8 rock-oriented songs, although quite different from the band’s previous recordings.

The contents of the album can be traced back to Ólafur Josephsson’s and Árni Þór Árnason’s roots and their intense obsession for minimalistic, raw, lo-fi rock music, more common in the 1990’s. The sound on the album is therefore quite a leap for Stafrænn Hákon; switching from ambient, pop-inspired material to a wall of raw sound, much to the delight of self-taught plumbers and rock-thirsty data-puppies.

Kælir Varðhund is available as a digital release, and this October, the cassette will be released as a very limited. Those who really want to enjoy this produce in its natural environment are of course welcome to the Shakon-mobile where a glimmer-coated tape deck awaits its listener in an alluring crimson-burgundy Mitsubishi Lancer, model year 1997.

Kælir Varðhund sees the role change of Árni Þór Árnason, who sacrifices his beloved bass for the gargantous electric guitar. Róbert Már Runólfsson drives the drums and Lárus Sigurðsson tickles various acoustic instruments where deemed appropriate. As ever, Ólafur Josephsson handles the guitar along with other instruments. Guest singers are prominent on this album; including Markús Bjarnason (Sofandi, Skátar, Diversion Sessions), Bjarni Lárus Hall (Jeff Who), Birgir Breiðfjörð (Biggi Bix), Loji Höskuldsson (Sudden Weather Change, Loji) and Stafrænn Hákon’s singer on the last two albums, Magnús Freyr Gíslason.


Sjálflærður pípari
Sparkar í Túlk
Through paper cylinder