Stafrænn Hákon

UK Tour EP

September 14, 2004

UK Tour EP
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Only available on the September and October 2004 tour of Stafrænn Hákon & Dialect. Limited to about 30 copies per show. Mastered at CodeRed2, August 2004. Stafrænn Hákon went over to the U.K for a 3 week supporting their 4th album "Ventill/Poki" in 2004. To coincide the tour the Tour EP was consolidated with unreleased tracks from Stafrænn Hákon and their support band Dialect. Dialect also known as Daniel Lovegrove was touring also as Stafrænn Hákon´s live drummer. The limited Tour ep also had remixes from both artists of each other songs. Originally released on the now defunct UK label, Resonant and now re-released on Vogor Records.


Dialect - SittingInMoreThanOneChair
Stafrænn Hákon - Kjötplanki
Dialect - Dead Animal Hymn
Stafrænn Hákon - Tilburi
Dialect - SittingInMoreThanOneChair (destroyed by Stafrænn Hákon)
Stafrænn Hákon - Vetur (Unstructured by Dialect)